Hi Friends!

So I think it’s about time I start sharing more with u guys about my fashion escapades, and don’t be surprised if I let u in on a few other fabulous finds along the way! So back to the topic, what better place to start things off than New York Fashion Week! I was thrilled to be apart of this year’s fashion frenzy even if it was just for a New York minute! Not to mention that on top of it all, NYC was also home to the NBA AllStar Game! The city was on fire! I had my piece of the pie at Catwalk Fashion Show, produced by the one and only, Rodney Howell! I had the pleasure of working with Rodney, and host of other talented designers, stunning models, and dedicated staff on this awesome show! I’ve put together some photos and video footage from my experience…there’s even a few behind the scenes flicks in there too!

Now put on your Anna Wintour shades on and take a look!